List of publications

 Leaflets and Pamphlets

 1. Shoreham's Crucifix 
 Prepared by Joy Saynor, from material collected by Tony Whitworth


 2. Shoreham Air Crash, 29 September 1934    
 Prepared by Joy Saynor from material collected by Tony Whitworth

 3. Shops and Services in Shoreham, 1909-19   
 Recollections of Mrs Phyllis McDonnell, published in the Shoreham Gazette
 September 1996, recorded by Dr Bill Lothian
 4. Muriel Smith, A Shoreham Life    
 Recollections of Mrs Muriel Smith published in the Shoreham Gazette
 July 1994-December 1995.
 5. Memories of Shoreham by John Lane   
 Prepared by Sheila Wilson from John's interview notes
 6. Lyn Pysden's Shoreham Memories   
 Prepared by Sheila Wilson from Lyn's own notes
 7. Alice Gibson's Memories of Shoreham    
 Prepared by Sheila Wilson from a taped interview (Alice died in 1997 aged 101)
 8. Sir Joseph Prestwich
 The self-taught Professor who taught the world the Antiquity of Man
 Biographical notes by Edward James
 9. The Lovett Camerons and the Walk across Africa    
 Prepared by Jill Webster from a talk by Ann Ball
 10. Treason to Toothpaste   
 The Story of the Colgates of Shoreham By Edward James
 11. Changes in Farming since World War II   
 Personal recollections by Mike McDonnell
 12. Sir Walter Stirling's intended Turnpike Road   
 Text by Joy Saynor, maps by Ken Wilson
 13. Shoreham's Map of 1828   
 A Gift which became an Exciting Discovery, by Joy Saynor
 14. Shoreham in the Fifties    
 Compiled by Edward James from research by the Committee
 of the Historical Society on information supplied by the residents
 of Shoreham.
 15. The Coming of the Railway to Shoreham   
 The Mac White Lecture, 2002, by Peter Batley
 16. George Medhurst, Shoreham's Inventor    
 Text and illustrations by Ken Wilson
 17. The Cohens of Highfield  
 by Georgina Hopkins
 18. Shoreham's Fairs and Fetes   
 by Joy Saynor
 19. Shoreham Remembers  
 by Joy Saynor and Daphne Wildbore, cover by Susan Hinks
 Re-issue of pamphlet first published to mark VE-Day 1985
 20. Paper Makers in Shoreham 1690-1921
 The History of the Wilmots   

 by Jill Webster
 21. Samuel Palmer in Shoreham. Compiled by Ken Wilson full colour illustrations
 22. Vaccy
 A London Evacuee In The Countryside In Shoreham  1939 - 1942
 by C.W. Barnett
 Edited by Jill Webster
 23. The Story of RECORD
 And Other Early Shops in Shoreham   
 by Joy Saynor

 24. Thomas Highgate, his family and their Shoreham connections
 by Sally Hofmann

 25. The Gregorys of Shoreham House
 by Georgina Hopkins
 26. The History of Winslade Cottage
 by Joy Saynor
 27. William Hamilton, Darwin's Heir
 by Jill Webster
 28. The Coming of the M25 to Shoreham
 compiled by Jill Webster from a talk given by Sheila Wilson in 2009
£2.00 Colour
£1.50 Black & White
 29. The Mildmay Family of Shoreham
 30. Raid Stopped Play - A cricket match interrupted by air raid in WW2
 31. A Childhood at Highfield
 32. The History of Shoreham School
 by Joy Saynor
 33. Aspects of Shoreham Geology
 by David Horsley
 34. A Shoreham Childhood
 by Rose Wootton
 35. The Shoreham Weather Report
 by Geoff Stanley
 36. Nurses Association in Shoreham from 1890
 by Georgina Hopkins
 37. Lord Dunsany
 by Mary Symonds
 38. Reedbeds a brief history
 by James Saynor
 Shoreham Village Remembers The Fallen 1914 - 1918
 Lorna Robinson
Half of profit to the British Legion
 Franklin White's Shoreham Characters
 Joy Saynor and Garry Weaser
 Ken Wilson Shoreham Glimpses
 Sketches my Ken Wilson
 Shoreham Past and Present   2000
 Joy Saynor and Peter Batley
 Shoreham Past and Present   New & Revised Edition Published 2010
 Joy Saynor and Garry Weaser
 A Stroll Around Shoreham
 1,000 Years of Shoreham Church
 From an illustrated talk by Rev Richard Freeman, based on notes & drawings left by the late  Ken Wilson, a 56 page  book in full colour from the 1880's to the present day.
 Shoreham, A Village in Kent 
 Malcolm White and Joy Saynor
 Published by The Shoreham Society, 1989.

 Shoreham at War 2006
 The people of Shoreham,Kent 1939 - 1945

 N.B. A free copy of this book is available for every household in Shoreham.

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Prints of 1828 Map of Shoreham

The Village Centre Map

Complete Map




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