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The Shoreham & District Historical Society was established in 1997 as a spin off from the Shoreham Society.

The villagers have always been very proud of its history & have sought to preserve its uniqueness.
In the early years the Society was enthusiastically supported & speakers came mostly from its members.
I took over the chair in 2014 when it looked as if it was going to have to give up, due to committee members leaving.
Now is the time to ask, what is the point of the Society? The answer of course is exactly the same as it was all those years ago.

A good example of this was highlighted at the strawberry tea at The Old Vicarage, when the owner Frank Hinks talked about Vincent Perronet being the mentor for the Wesley brothers and welcoming them into his home, from which Methodism grew into a major religion, because it gave the masses a sense of their worth, the country avoided the excesses of the French Revolution.

There are many more examples of Shoreham's residents making international contributions, for example William Hamilton. I could name many more....

Shoreham And District
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