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October 2017

Mary Smith the speaker at the October meeting of the Society related A School Girl's War at Maidstone Grammar School, prompted by the discovery in the school archives in the early 2000s of a book of paintings, amusing and detailed illustrations of life in the air raid shelter during the war.
The artist Miss Keen had been a teacher at the school during the war. In 2013 some of the air raid shelters were opened up and Mary Smith headmistress of Maidstone Grammar, contacted pupils who had attended the school during the war to visit and reminisce. Her book records their memories and the excellent paintings.
Primary School children have been on visits to the shelter where they experienced the siren going off and were given a war time lunch.




November 2017

William Alexander gave an excellent talk about the changing times at Castle Farm, from the earliest records of a castle on the site through to the time the Alexander family arrived in Shoreham from Scotland.
He outlined the crops and livestock kept on the farm to accommodate different agricultural requirements and trends.
William brought along many maps, artefacts obtained from the land, photographs and even a piece of wood from the original timbers that had formed the raft on which to build the earliest castle.
Altogether a very interesting evening.


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